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As a repairer, Astrofix can generally lodge your insurance claim on your behalf. Some insurance companies such as Vero are great to deal with. Some can be very difficult.


 Companies that do not allow the repairer to lodge a windscreen claim

Tower Insurance - Tower customer have to call up themselves to lodge a windscreen claim.  Tower Insurance will usually try to divert customers from using their chosen repairer and experience shows they try to get customers to only use their preferred nationwide suppliers. However it is always YOUR choice to use the repairer of your choice!

AMI Insurance - While AMI will allow their customers to use ASTROFIX, you will need call the local Queenstown AMI branch on (03) 746 7816 or (03) 746 7815. You can not get a claim number by calling the call centre on their 0800 number!


Beware of companies that do not give you the choice of windscreen repairer

As a customer  it is totally your choice to use which ever repairer you choose. Do NOT let your insurance company bully you into using their choice of repairer. It is your choice and you should report them immediately to the Commerce Commission if they try to do this!


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Thanks for an awesome job on my windshield Dan!  Stoked :)       Alison Raye, Queenstown


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