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The New Zealand Standard specifies the following types and sizes of damage for windscreen repair.


Windscreens can be repaired if the damage is no larger than:                             

                                                         Outside CVA            Inside CVA               
                         Crack                            100mm                     25mm
                         Star                               30mm                       15mm
                         Horseshoe                    25mm                       10mm
                         Bullseye                       20mm                       10mm
                         Crater                           5mm                         2mm
                         Combination               As for each type of damage in the combination 



The CVA is the shaded area below in the diagram. It's an area 150mm either side of the centre of the steering wheel (or driver's seat), 90mm from the top of the windscreen and 65mm from the bottom of the windscreen. WOF & COF inspections are more strict on windscreen repairs inside the CVA. If you're not sure whether a chip in the CVA can be repaired, call ASTROFIX now to arrange an inspection.

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Why repair a windscreen chip?

If the damage is not repaired it can crack causing the entire windscreen to need replacing. This cracking is usually caused by:

It's important to know that repairs are never completely invisible and there will be a residual 'dull spot' on the windscreen. However, repairs will generally significantly improve the visual appearance of the impact damage.

Sticker.jpgFor best results, repairs should be made as soon as possible after damage occurs, before the damage is contaminated by moisture and dirt. Avoid the use of glass cleaner and other treatments after the damage has occured and prior to the repair.

Placing a free 'patch sticker' over the windscreen chip immediately after the damage occurs will prevent dust & moisture contamination, which will improve the cosmetic quality of the repair. 

Customers should ask Dan for a free saver patch sticker for future use.


Approved Standards

Repair materials used by ASTROFIX comply with the following standards:




ASTROFIX guarantee the repair(s) will not crack further and will pass WoF/CoF inspections for the length of time you own the vehicle. In the unlikely event of a repair failure ASTROFIX should be contacted in the first instance. ASTROFIX reserves the right to rectify the failure or refund for the cost of that repair.